We are Now a Forever Family: Our Adoption Ceremony

  Today began with so much emotion. I couldn’t sleep well at night just thinking that within the next couple hours I would be Jeremy’s forever mommy. That’s the terminology we use in the foster/adoption world – forever. It’s a commitment you make to each other as a family to be there for each other, […]

Today is the Day to Say “Yes” to God + Giveaway

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here. What do I have? Today. Right now is the only time I have. What am I living for today? I’ve been asking myself this question since reading Kristen Welch’s book, Rhinestone Jesus: Saying yes to God when sparkly faith, safe faith is no longer enough. In chapter four, […]

10 Characteristics of a Controlling Wife – Part 1

Let’s face it, some women can be manipulative and controlling when it comes to their husbands. We don’t mean wrong, but we know our behaviors are not helping our marriage. If anything, these behaviors are tearing our homes down. No judgments here, but let’s be real and honest with each other. Identifying our opportunities is […]

Saying Yes to the Deep – #yesinmymess

My pastor once preached on being inconvenienced for Christ. The message still resonates with me. But hearing without doing is disobedience to God. The statement, “Allow God to use you in the inconveniences,” struck me deeply. I don’t like to be inconvenienced. If anything, I’m a creature of habit and comfort. But I know God […]

A Framework for Success-Part5: Work Life Balance

Guest Post By Albert Pont The fifth and final step in my model to having success in life is:  Work Life Balance.  As human society and technology have evolved, we find ourselves in a busy world.  In most homes, both parents have jobs or one parent holds two jobs.  Children are involved in numerous extracurricular […]

A Framework for Success-Part 4: Self Preservation

Guest Post By Albert Pont The fourth step in our framework is what I like to call “self preservation.”  Just like large pieces of equipment in a restaurant need to have regular preventive maintenance completed, so do we as human beings.  We need to invest in our most important asset: ourselves! The overwhelming majority of […]

A Framework for Success-Part 3: Educate Yourself on What you Love

Guest Post By Albert Pont The 3rd step in our “Framework for Successful” is:  Educate yourself on what you love. Once a spark gets lit with a certain line of study in school, a new relationship in your personal life or a new role at work, the wise person now begins to educate themselves on […]