#07 – Can’t Keep Up? Here’s 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

In life, few things are mandatory. To simplify your life, focus on what matters. I remember when we moved back to Los Angeles after living in San Diego for five years. We went from a 2,3oo square foot home to a 1,200 square foot home. I found myself having to give half of my things. […]

#05 – 5 Ways Girlfriends Fail Each Other

In today’s episode, I confess my qualifications in discussing this topic. Why? Because I’ve actually failed my friends in all the five ways I will mention AND my friends have failed me as well. But, the reason I’m writing this post is because I’m sick and tired of women telling me about how they don’t have […]

How God Used My Blog to Make a Vision Clear – I’m Taking Action!

Hello friends, First of all, thank you for allowing me to serve you for the past couple years on this platform – although I would rather much have a face to face conversation with you (with a grande soy misto). My journey on this blog has been wonderful. I have learned about strengths and opportunities, which […]