#09 – 5 Effects of Control on Marriage

Welcome to Your Life Reframed.  Last week we discussed 10 ways women can destroy their husband. If you have not tuned in to episode 8, I encourage you to do so before continuing with this episode. What can happen when wives exhibit controlling behaviors? Today, I’ll be discussing 5 effects of control on marriage: Resentment […]

#08 – 10 Surefire Ways Women Can Destroy Their Husband

Welcome to Your Life Reframed.  On today’s podcast, I discuss 10 characteristics that have the potential to create distance, increase conflict and result in separation or even divorce. Many women I work with struggle with issues of control. When things don’t go their way, they resort to taking matters into their own hands, BUT it backfires. […]

#07 – Can’t Keep Up? Here’s 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

In life, few things are mandatory. To simplify your life, focus on what matters. I remember when we moved back to Los Angeles after living in San Diego for five years. We went from a 2,3oo square foot home to a 1,200 square foot home. I found myself having to give half of my things. […]

#06 – 4 Ways of Influencing “Difficult” Friends

Today’s Podcast was prompted by a reader’s question from last week’s post, 5 Ways Girlfriends Fail Each Other. Scroll down to listen in or keep reading. Following is the script in case you want to read it: QUESTION: Hi Edith, I am having all 5 issues mentioned on your Podcast, “5 ways girlfriends fail each […]